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Nobody likes accidents, but with DriverCare you at least have somebody on your side!


CrashCare is the claims management Company, which is part of the Edenbridge Accident Repair Group and regulated by The FCA to ensure compliance to their rigerous standards.

Whenever a repair involves an insurer, CrashCare will leap into action behind the scenes ensuring the claim is progressed expediently and to your benefit. The CrashCare incident team will progress the claim from point of first notification to the return of repaired vehicle and final settlement of all costs, meaning your employees do not have to spend valuable time dealing with these matters.

CrashCare third party intervention is considered by many FleetCare members as the most valuable aspect of FleetCare by ensuring third party claims for ‘at fault’ accidents are kept to a minimum by capturing third part repair at the time of the incident and thus reducing lengthey ongoing hire costs and spurious retrospective injury claims!

CrashCare is provided free of charge to all FleetCare members

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